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The community Laußig located in the beautiful state of Saxony - in the district of North Saxony - at the edge of the "Düben Heath" and is 94 meters above sea level.
The municipality covers an area of ​​10,008 ha.
On 01.10.2015 lived 3.796 inhabitants in the community Laußig.

The municipality consists of the eight villages Authausen, Durchwehna, Görschlitz, Gruna, Kossa, Laußig, Pressel and Pristäblich. It has a rural well-developed infrastructure. Located in the municipality itself
1 elementary school (in the village Authausen), 4 daycares, institutions of medical care (medical and dental clinics, physiotherapy, pharmacy) utilities, a large number of small and medium enterprises and large companies in the building materials and special engineering industries. For details, refer to the appropriate categories on the left menu bar.


Leipziger Str. 23
04838 Laußig
Tel.:         034243 / 339 0
Fax:         034243 / 339 21
E-Mail:     info[at]


18/10/26 19:30
Versammlung Förderverein und FFW e.V. Görschlitz